Who is eligible for a refund of their ticket? 

Any ticket purchase for the 2020 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is available for a refund if requested. That being said, all Ultimate Fan Package tickets have already been refunded through the Eventbrite ticketing site. If you do not choose to refund your ticket, it will automatically roll over to next year's event. 


When will replacement dates be posted?

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is currently working with the city and venues in scheduling our 2021 event in a similar time frame- early summer.  


Is there any benefit to keeping an existing ticket? Absolutely! To begin with, you will already have a ticket for the premier pop culture event in Las Vegas for 2021. Amazing Comic Conventions will also be adding a free merchandise for anyone who retains their 2020 ticket when they redeem said ticket at the 2021 event. Additionally, due to increased sanitation and safety requirements for future events, ticket prices will be increased in 2021 and moving forward. Existing 2020 ticketholders will not have to pay any additional fees and will receive full privileges commiserate with their ticket type without dealing with the price increase.

I Purchased Ultimate Fan Packages- how will this be handled?

All Ultimate Fan Packages have been refunded from Amazing Comic Con. Fan Packages are tied to talent appearing at the convention, and some changes may occur with the rosters at upcoming Amazing Comic Con events.  


Are the same guests coming to Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con in 2021?

The staff at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is disappointed that we could not share our full guest list which was slated to appear this summer.  Appearances are based on availability, professional commitments, and personal schedules.  Our events have always brought the most influential guests of our fandom to Las Vegas, including the best comic book creators-Architects of Pop Culture, as well media celebrities, voice actors, animators and more. Look for another quality line-up in 2021 with many of the names from this years roster and more.

How will refunds be processed?

Amazing Comic Conventions is offering two options for ticket refunds: PayPal or check repayments. Ticket-holders requesting a refund will be able to note which option is optimal for them. Please note that all refunds will be for the ticket price, and will not include any Eventbrite fees added by the ticketing site. Refunds will be processed on a first come, first served basis.


What is the deadline for requesting a refund?

All refund requests must be submitted no later than July 1st, 2020.