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AMAZING GUEST UPDATE Legendary inker, artist Joe Rubinstein added to the Las Vegas mix!

AMAZING COMIC CON continues to add Hall of Fame level talent to the 2014 Las Vegas guest list. Enter Joe Rubinstein! Rubinstein is best known as Frank Miller’s inker on the original WOLVERINE mini series. He is the Guiness Book of Records title holder for having inked more pencilers than ANY other artist, thanks largely in part to his fan favorite OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE. Over the years he has worked with all the greats, from Miller, Byrne, Perez, and more. But more than just having on his side, Joe Rubinstein recently completed runs on The Fantastic Four, Secret Avengers, Briliant, and the new Marvel Mega Crossover event- ORIGINAL SIN! Rubinstein can also be found on Avatar titles such as Guns and Glitter.

With over 150 creators coming to the AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON, Joe Rubinstein will be featured all three days of the event. You will find him in the artist alley, signing books, meeting fans, featured on panels, and sketching commissions on the show floor. You can find examples of Joe’s cover re-creations and commissions at http:://

AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON takes place June 20-21-22 at the South Point Hotel and Casino. Single Day Tickets, Full 3 Day Admissions, and a Limited number of VIP Packages are available at the South Point Box Office, or by ordering ONLINE HERE.

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