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Hello! My name is Jimmy S. Jay and I’m the Convention Organizer for the 2015 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. This year, the staff worked extremely hard to create a bigger experience for the fans. We brought in more of best comic creators, while adding more programming, more cosplay, more video games, more Kid’s Day Activities. Quite simply, Las Vegas Comic fans deserve more of the very best…

The Very Best Comic Creators on the Planet are at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. These are the Architects of Pop Culture- the ideas, storylines, and characters brought to life impact the entertainment we consume, the toys that we buy, the games that we play, the things we collect. Enter Deadpool Creator ROB LIEFELD- get the first scoop on the Next great movie franchise here! Enter Legend GEORGE PEREZ- creator of the Teen Titans, drawing the first New Ant-Man, shaped the Avengers with Infinity Gauntlet. Enter JIM SHOOTER- if you enjoy the summer blockbuster of Secret War, he is the man who started it all! Enter STEVE McNIVEN- perhaps the most important Marvel Comics artist behind epics like Civil War, Old Man Logan, Guardians of Galaxy, and Death of Wolverine. Enter MARK BAGLEY- world record holding artist of Spider-Man.

The List of Comic Creators doesn’t stop there. Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con brought in ALL the top artists from DC COMICS, from GREG CAPULLO, JOHN ROMITA JR., CHAD HARDIN, JAE LEE, IVAN REIS. They represent most current titles of Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Justice League, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and more.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have a HUGE impact at this year’s Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con as we host creator KEVIN EASTMAN. Look for great panels, and fan screenings of the original TMNT film!

For the 2015 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, you will notice an increased presence of Top Media Guests. JOHN BARROWMAN- the dashing star of Dcotor Who and Tourchwood, and the handsome bad boy from Arrow tops the list. We also included action stars Chris Casamassa from Mortal Kombat, Tyler Man from X-Men, and Troy Brenner, who played Hulk from Avengers. The first villain from Flash makes an appearance- Chad Rook, and be on the look out for the Power Ranger All-Stars, and Sailor Moon Cast reunion. The theme is consistent where comic book entertainment meets pop culture on the show floor.

KID’s DAY remains a huge part of Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. MAT NASTOS from Phineas & Ferb, Disney leads the way with Free Sketches on Sunday. Also look for Tony Fleecs from My Little Pony, and Wook Jin Clark from Adventure Time!

There is SO Much to be excited about at this year’s Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con this year. I personally want to thank the great retail community here in Las Vegas for supporting this event- from Maximum Comics with their giant carnival experience, to Alternate Reality, to Cheeseboy, to Cosmic Comics, Rogue Toys, John’s Grand Slam Collectibles, Stripside and more. Any of the excitement you feel here at our event, we hope you can get a healthy dose each week at these fine retailers as well. These are the folks that there on the front line making the community better!

And most of all- we want to thank YOU! Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con appreciates the fans for your continued support!


Jimmy S. Jay…

and the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

And please be sure to share your experiences, your pictures, and more with us via social media. Be sure to TAG us and use the hashtag #ALVCC

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