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Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con returns for June 17-18-19 for our biggest event ever. Our expansion has moved us to the Las Vegas Convention Center, to the largest floor space of any pop culture genre event in the state of Nevada.

Amazing Comic Con believes that Pop Culture begins with comics and their creators. The influence the graphic novels which we read, the toys that we collect, the video games that we play, the tv shows that we watch and the blockbuster movies enjoy. While the coming weeks will reveal a huge guest list and great programming for Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, we have our first group of names that will be featured at our event this June:

ROB LIEFELD DEADPOOL is the #1 movie of 2016, smashing box office records- Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is proud to welcome back Rob Liefeld. The creator of Cable, X-Force, Image Comics, and of course Deadpool- Rob Liefeld panels are MUST SEE events, and one of the biggest draws on the comic con circuit. DEADPOOL VIP PACKAGE will be offered at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

KEVIN EASTMAN Kevin Eastman is one of the most influential creators in modern pop era. He is visionary behind the pop culture phenomenon- TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! Since the mid-1980s, every kid on the planet has known the Turtles from Comics, Cartoons, Toys, Movies, Video Games, and more. Kevin Eastman will be on hand to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. Look for special comics, guests and more from #TeamEastman at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. Appearing on Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to check out the special TURTLES POWER VIP PACKAGE featuring Kevin Eastman!

CHRIS CLAREMONT Making his 1st appearance at a Comic Con in Las Vegas! The most important writer, ushering in the modern age of comics with his historic run on the X-MEN. Chris Claremont created fan favorite characters such as Phoenix, Rogue, Gambit, Mystique, Sabertooth, Kitty Pryde, the White Queen, New Mutants, and dozens more. Claremont’s historic 17 year run on X-Men sold over 750 MILLION COMICS worldwide. Popular storylines include Dark Phoenix Saga, God Loves Man Kills, the Mutant Massacre, X-Tinction Agenda and other perennial best sellers. He made WOLVERINE a household name, penning the first solo adventures as well. The work of Chris Claremont was the basis for the each of the X-Men movies from FOX including this summer’s blockbuster X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. His work was translated into the top ratings of 90s X-Men Cartoon, best-selling line of toys, video games, and more.

STEVE McNIVEN The most important Marvel Comics Artist of the Century. Steve McNiven is best known for top charting CIVIL WAR- soon to be the next Marvel Movie released in May. OLD MAN LOGAN influenced the current Marvel All new line-up, revamping the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY led to another success in the cineplex, and INHUMANS influences weekly Marvel television. McNiven’s work last year was perhaps the monumental, DEATH OF WOLVERINE. Amazing Comic Con in June marks the return of Steven McNiven in Las Vegas. Check out the Special CIVIL WAR VIP OFFER, which offers complimentary original sketch artwork by McNiven!

AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON is the premiere Pop Culture Event, taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on June 17-18-19. The event features the very best comic creators in the world with favorites from the Las Vegas Community, extensive programming, international artist alley, and the Wizards of cosplay.

Tickets for Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con are ON SALE NOW. Single Day, Full 3day, and a Limited number of VIP PACKAGES are available for online.

Kids 10 and under are ALWAYS FREE at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!

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