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COSPLAY is a huge phenomenon at comic conventions across the country and has been a key part of Amazing Las Vegas Comic Comic Con since our very start. Whether you are one of the HUNDREDS of people coming to the convention in costume, or one of the THOUSANDS of admirers, check out these great attractions coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center THIS WEEKEND:

SATURDAY NIGHT COSTUME CONTEST A crowd pleasing event, taking place on Saturday June 18th, the Amazing Cosplay Contest begins at 7pm when the main hall closes. Contestants walk the catwalk, competing for one of the classic swords trophies that have become a hallmark for the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. Want to be a part of the contest? Sign up anytime before 5:00pm on Saturday afternoon at the Garage FX Booth on the main floor of the convention center.

GARAGE FX Family run organization, the Fowler/Caldwell clan teaches the do’s and don’ts of costume and prop making. The best part- they do these things with basic items found in your garage or local hardware store. Cosplay has never been so easy. See them on the main floor for a full schedule of their live demonstrations each day.

THE LIBRARY BARDS! Best Friends Bonnie Gordan (ABC’s The Quest) and Xander Jeanneret (TBS’ King of the Nerds) are the Nerd Pop Duo that takes Top 40 hits, and transforms (Improves) them into Nerdy, Geektastic tunes. Look for their performances throughout the weekend at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con including Friday’s Cosplay Red Carpet, and Saturday Night’s Amazing Cosplay Contest.

COSTUME ORGANIZATIONS Star Wars will be represented with the 501st, Rebel Legion, and other groups. Here fans can take their pictures with the most famous characters from a Galaxy far, far away!


VEGAS PG- one of the most well known costume queens, Vegas PG is a local gal who has travelled the national convention circuit, and has been a regular face at the Club Cosplay Events. Excited as Vegas PG celebrates her 3rd year as a featured guest at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Booth #446

DARIA ROUD is originally from Honolulu where she was one of the top costumers in the community, and now is making a splash on the mainland. She blends Marvel Super Heroes with Disney Princesses, and mermaid style as well! Look for her online at and in the artist alley at D23

NATALIE ARVIZU is an up and coming costumer from Phoenix, Arizona specializing in Cosplay Mash-ups, Anime Style, and Coolest Video Game Characters. She is just starting the convention trails, but she will be a name and a face for years to come. We’re excited that she begins her travels with Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. Look for her in the artist alley on Row D.

KID’s COSTUME PARADE Sunday June 19th is Kid’s Day at Amazing Las Vegas Comic, and the Costume Parade is the perfect way to close out the weekend. Everybody is a winner as all kids can walk the MainStage catwalk!

AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON is the premiere Pop Culture Event, taking place at our NEW home at LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER on June 17-18-19. The event features the very best comic creators in the world with favorites from the Las Vegas Community, extensive programming, international artist alley, and the Wizards of cosplay.

Tickets for Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con are ON SALE NOW through our website and the Eventbrite website. Single Day, Full Three Day, and a limited number of VIP PACKAGES are available.


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