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Amazing Comic Conventions celebrate POP CULTURE. We bring out influential creators of iconic heroes, we feature actors and actresses who created key roles…

Earlier, the fan community lost one of the most famous faces, and personas of 20th Century- ROGER MOORE passed away at the age of 89. As social media posts roll in, and the inevitable think pieces pop up on blogs and more, it’s important to keep proper perspective…

ROGER MOORE was the first James Bond i grew up with and who i will measure up all action heroes. I thrilled to the adventures of 007 in MOONRAKER…

Fandom is a funny place- often times, we don’t tell the creators and media figures we love their work until after it’s gone. This is something that we hope to change with each and every Amazing Comic Con event- we believe Pop Culture should be celebrated in the present. We want to bridge gaps where fans can have this access with their personal favorites. Here we spotlight the figures, their journeys, their creations & roles, and the greater pop culture which we love to collect, and experience.

We hope that you can continue with us, celebrating these key figures this summer-

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