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AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON believes in spotlighting comic creators that have an impact on pop culture. The Image revolution that began 25 years ago was fundamental in ushering a new generation of creative visionaries. These gentlemen may have begun their careers IN comics, now they have achieved successes beyond the pages…

Following the blockbuster success of New Mutants and X-Force, and the successful launch of new characters such as Cable, Domino and Deadpool, Rob Liefeld left Marvel Comics. Liefeld launches the Image Comics revolution with his creator owned YOUNGBLOOD, followed by a slew of titles by his EXTREME Studios. At Extreme, Liefeld created universes, populated by books drawn by new generation of the comic book talent. Creators such as MARAT MYCHAELS, DAN FRAGA, and JEFF MATSUDA were rookies who jumpstarted their careers here.Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Extreme Studios, and Image Comics by showcasing these great talents.

*MARAT MYCHAELS can be found at Artist Alley A1 and A2. From Extreme, he is known for being launching BRIGADE, and working on Nightmare and Blindside. Over the years he has drawn X-FORCE Shatterstar and DEADPOOL Corps for Marvel Comics, and for DC 52 he drew Grifter and Hawk & Dove. Recently, He assisted on DEADPOOL BAD BLOOD. Marat Mychaels will be available for commission, and has a number of parody comics Pooh and Hardly Thin.

*DAN FRAGA was one of the youngest members of Extreme Studios but still launched BLOODSTRIKE at the first wave of Image Comics hit. His “Blood Brothers” crossover with Marat, and Brigade set the tone for the studio. Other books during this time include Kid Supreme and Black Flag. He later drew Bloodsport story arc for WOLVERINE that featured canes by Justin Timberlake, and fill ins for Black Panther, and Superman too. Fraga found big success outside of comics as a director for the Ricky Gervais show, as well as storyboards and more. Check out Dan Fraga’s Free Style Art James throughout the weekend at Artist Alley A3, one of the impressive live action displays at this year’s Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.

*JEFF MATSUDA energized Extreme Studios with his work on a variety of titles. He is best known for NEWMEN, and for Awesome Entertainment he created and drew KABOOM. For Marvel Comics he had a run on WOLVERINE, as well as X-Factor. Jeff Matsuda has had big success in the field of animation with the HULK vs WOLVERINE video that introduced a larger world to Deadpool outside of the comics, and his designs and more on THE BATMAN.

Also Appearing as part of the EXTREME 25th REUNION: KARL ALTSTAETTER (A5) who introduced the solo adventures of BLOODSTRIKE. He is also known for his creator owned series such as Deity, and his current Webtoon success- THE MIRROR. He has worked in Toy Design since his Extreme Days. SHELBY ROBERTSON- a fan favorite on the convention circuit (Booth 521), came up drawing titles such a CRYPT. He contributed to the Original Graphic Novel, DEADPOOL: BAD BLOOD.

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Tickets for Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con are ON SALE NOW. Single Day Tickets, Full 3day Admission, and a Limited Number of VIP Packages are still available.

Kids 10 and Under are ALWAYS FREE at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!

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