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SAFETY Procedures and MORE at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

Due to recent events around the globe at Pop Culture Events, Comic Cons, and Concerts security has become a concern for many. Amazing Comic Conventions wants a great event, where everyone feels safe, and welcome. We are working with the local law enforcement, Las Vegas Convention Center, and a private security firm, United Service, in implementing new measures to activate those goals.

Entering the Convention Center

To Enter the Convention Center, all parties must have a bag search at the front doors. Security will be looking through purses, messenger bags, comic boxes, and more. All bags that pass inspection will have a removable tag, and be allowed inside the convention hall

PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY: Backpacks and Roller Bags will NOT BE ALLOWED inside the Main Hall of AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON.

Backpacks here are defined as two shoulder straps, zipper or latch bag, where contents cannot be seen without opening. Roller Bags such as small suitcases are also not allowed on the convention floor.

We HIGHLY recommend that you leave these items at home, or inside your car, hotel room, etc. If you need to bring such items to the convention you will be required to take these items to BAG CHECK, on the second floor of the convention center. You will be given a number, and can pick up your items when you leave the convention facility.

Acceptable items permissible on the convention floor include purses, messenger Bags, small merchandise bags, draw string bags, diaper bags, any packs made with clear plastic/see through material.

It will be the judgement of United Law enforcement, convention center personnel, and Amazing Con Staff to ultimately deem which items can be brought in.

Cosplay Props, and Peace Bonding

Amazing Comic Conventions has always been supportive of cosplay in our previous events. Dating back to the beginnings of Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention when it was held inside of a casino, there were rules and regulations in place to adhere to the facilities standards, and the safety of the community. For our 2017 we will be implementing the following policies-

NO LIVE STEEL- Any props that include metal edges of any kind- which includes swords, daggers, ninja stars, arrow tips, and more are NOT allowed into the Las Vegas Convention Center facility. These items will be checked through security, and can be placed at the BAG CHECK on the second floor if necessary. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you leave these items at home.

NO PROJECTILES- no bullets, pellets, BBs, Nerf missles, etc are allowed. No Sling Shots or weapons that can turn objects into projectiles. Materials are a non-issue here. None are allowed.

NO REALISTIC GUNS- if it looks real leave it at home. No Machine Guns, no pistols, no rifles, etc that look like the real things are permitted. If you think it might not pass inspection from staff and security, then leave it at home.

BLUNT OBJECTS and BASEBALL BATS-Leave the Louisville sluggers at home. That goes for giant hammers and mallets, nunchucks and more. We understand there are cool characters on TV and villainess from movies who carry such things- unfortunately these will NOT be permitted inside the Convention Center at all.

What are props that ARE allowed?

Lightsabers, magic wands, shields, sonic screwdrivers, and more.

These items will be searches, and peace bonded as necessary. Ultimately, It will be the judgement of United Law enforcement, convention center personnel, and Amazing Con Staff to deem which items can be brought in.

Regarding Replica Weapons Vendors INSIDE the Amazing Las Vegas Convention Hall-

All Replica Weapons that are sold to a customer must be immediately boxed, taped/sealed, and covered in plastic. While sales may occur throughout the day, all replica props/weapons are to be picked-up during the last hour of business each day; the buyer will be asked to move directly to exit the hall after pick-up. Should a customer need to leave before the last hour of convention, as specified during these pick-up times, please notify an Amazing Comic Con Staff member, and a member of security team will escort the buyer to the doors.

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