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With AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON- the Fun doesn’t need to stop when the convention hall closes each night of the show. Introducing our newest partnership with HSC ENTERTAINMENT, and introducing our new Amazing After Party Headquarters at THE NERD!

The NERD is located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, located at Neonopolis 450 Freemont Street. Phone Number: (702) 405-0816.

The NERD bar/club features Bowling, Billiards, Video games, and a great atmosphere that is an extension of Comic Con Culture. Here, Cosplay is encouraged, and rewarded!

Each night, THE NERD is featuring a different themed afterparty for AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON.:

*Friday June 23 The Eternal Slumber: Villainous Pajama Party

- Not your Average pajama Jammy Jam-Lingerie, PJs, and Cosplay

- Specialty Cocktails

- Giveaways for the most wicked attendees

*Saturday June 24th The Official Amazing Comic Con After Party

Cosplay Contest. Awarding prizes for most Amazing Super Hero Cosplay, Sexiest Cosplay, and a Cosplayer Dance Off!

- $1,000 in cash & prizes

- Exclusive giveaways from Comics, toys, and more!

*Sunday June 25th: The Official Amazing Comic Con

Industry Night: Theme Song Karaoke Contest.

Share your Convention Stories, adventures, finds, and conquests here

- Drink Specials for Comic Con Exhibitors

- Theme Song Karaoke where Cosplayers belt out their favorite themed tracks and the best renditions win cash & prizes!

When you come to The NERD, be sure to show off your AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON Wrist Bands, Lanyards, and Badges for great specials on drinks and more. We hope you can be part of the ACTION with OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY!

Specialty Tickets for AMAZING AFTER PARTY @TheNERD are available through HSC Entertainment, and will be offered through their eventbrite service page:

and at the door of The NERD Each night. Reserve your spot, so you can be a part of the action. Bottle Service and Premium Packages are available. For more information,

Visit the AFTER PART BOOTH featuring The NERD & HSC on the floor of AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON. The main event takes place during the day at the Convention Center on June 23-24-25.

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