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The staff at Amazing Comic Conventions did our final walk through at the Las Vegas Convention Center this week. We brought up the concerns that many attendees have voiced, and worked with the facilities and security to update our prodedures for 2017 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.

When Entering the Las Vegas Convention Center with the intention to enter the hall at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, your bags may be subject to search. Please Allow Additional Time should you want to enter the hall with a bag.

A single line BEFORE the registration counter will have security officials checking bags, boxes, and containers. If you have Costume Weapons and Props, you will be inspected here as well. There will be several stations located INSIDE the convention center doors, where bag searches may take place as well.

When bags pass inspection, each will receive a tag, which indicates that the fans will be able to bring these inside the hall. Therefore backpacks, rollarbags, messenger bags, totes and more may be acceptable to bring inside the hall, when tagged by security.

After the Security Check, you will be able to proceed to Registration Counters, where you can redeem online tickets pre-sales for entrance badges and wristbands. General Admission Tickets and remaining specialty packages may be purchased here.

If you do NOT have bags, you may bypass the security line, and proceed directly to Registration.

Safety is a chief concern for Amazing Comic Conventions. We also understand the needs of the attendees, and the goals of collectors. We have hired additional security personnel, from inspection staff, to floor roamers, both in uniform and plain clothes. We’re working to adapt to a changing world, and appreciate your your patience and understanding.

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