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The internet celebrated #NationalComicBookDay yesterday, and Marvel released a ton of news regarding their upcoming books. It all starts with MARVEL LEGACY #1, which hosts your local comic shops THIS WEDNESDAY. There will be covers by Alex Ross. There will be Shiny Lenticular Covers. And while collectors judge books by their covers all the time, more importantly there will be the return of a MAJOR CHARACTER. has the SPOILER HERE.

Want to hear more about MARVEL LEGACY though without the spoilers?

Check out this video:

Marvel Legacy is an epic event that is sure to re-set your favorite comic storylines, and a great place to jump aboard. Be sure to ask for the Lenticular Variant covers doing to marvel titles through the month of October and November too!

For the folks that claim they are ONLY fans of DC Comics, this past weekend was BATMAN DAY. So in addition to offering the latest DC METAL Crossover event, all the best comic stores handed out these FREE COMICS featuring HARLEY QUINN- and Batman too! Did anyone of you get a chance to pick these up?

Comic Con Culture has quickly become POP CULTURE.

With your local cineplex filled with Spandex Stories; TV networks seemingly dedicated the DC Heroes each night of the week; streaming services giving binge worthy Marvel Comics, Star Trek, and maybe even Millarworld; Cable TV is dominated by Kirkman’s Zombies…

Let us shine the light on the comic book series we can’t get enough, courtesy of the CW-

RIVERDALE. Season 2 starts on October 11…

And while Pop Culture is dominated by Comic Con Culture, AMAZING COMIC CON remains your #1 place to celebrate all your favorites. We bring your favorite comic book creators, media guests, and personalities directly to the fans. Keep checking the site in the coming weeks for more news about the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con June 2018, and our Hawaii ALOHA EDITION coming in August 2018.

Looking to be an exhibitor at either AMAZING LAS VEGAS Comic Con, and/or Amazing Comic Con Aloha Edition? Booths and Artist Alley Space is currently on sale. Please email Ben Glibert at for more information.

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