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Amazing Comic Conventions opened our very first announcement of 2018 featuring the BIGGEST event of the coming year. Here we announced that Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will feature the AVENGERS INFINITY WAR. With our complete guest list however, Amazing Comic Conventions spotlights the true Architects of Pop Culture- the creators responsible for our favorite characters, storylines, and source material. 

JIM STARLIN was the driving creative force of the cosmic mythos of Marvel. In the Bronze Age of Marvel Comics, Jim Starlin created the Mad Titan THANOS in the pages of Iron Man #55. He went on the create a cast of characters around Adam Warlock, which include GAMORA, DRAX, and others. These faces found their way into the modern Guardians of the Galaxy.  

After some time away, Jim Starlin returned to the Marvel Universe in the 1990s. He wrote the epic Infinity Gauntlet Trilogy, with where his signature character Thanos took the spotlight. Stalin was joined by RON LIM, as the two collaborated on Silver Surfer, Thanos Quest, and Infinity War. Much of these two runs serve as the backbone for the newest Marvel Cinematic Adventure! Amazing Comic Con continues to build an AVENGERS line-up with many of our 2018 Guest announcements, beyond the Infinity War Team. While AVENGERS ASSEMBLE is a battlecry for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the same can be said for the BEST COMIC CREATORS coming to the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con this summer! 

Marvel Comics’ Flagship title, THE AVENGERS, will be relaunched in just a few short weeks with a new First Issue. The publisher is putting it’s best talent on the book, with writer JASON AARON, and their top artist ED McGUINNESS. Be on the look-out for special exclusive Variants of Avengers #1 on the show floor by vendors such as Unknown Comics, Wanted Comix, and More. Both Creators are appearing all 3 days of the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. This marks the first time either have had a convention appearance in the state of Nevada!  

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con continues its emphasis on the AVENGERS by spotlighting ROB LIEFELD. While this creator is associated with Deadpool, Cable, Domino, and X-Force appearing in their own summer movie epic, Liefeld holds two distinct records for Marvel Comics- He is the Highest Selling Creator of ALL TIME for the Avengers, and the Top Selling Creator of Modern Era with Captain America.  

Additional Creators coming to Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con with Avengers roots include JIMMY CHEUNG who crafted the Young Avengers storyline with its breakout star Hawkeye’s Katie Bishop. Also Featured Guest SKOTTIE YOUNG has provided countless images of Avengers on his Fan Favorite, Marvel Variant Covers. AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON is more than JUST the Avengers though. There is something for EVERYONE at the 2018 event- from Cosplay, to Anime, Video Games, and more- a virtual fusion of every fan’s delight. The event opens at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Friday June 29, and continues through the weekend Saturday June 30, and Sunday July 1. 

Single Day Tickets, Full Event passes, and special VIP Premiums are ON SALE NOW ! Also remember- Kids 10 & Under are ALWAYS FREE at Amazing LAS VEGAS Comic Con! 

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