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Amazing Comic Conventions showcase comic books and their creators above all else- they are esential to modern pop culture. These people have created iconic heroes and storylines in the pages of graphic novels that continue to shape our collective consciousness. These creators ispire the blockbuster event movies at the cineplex, the TV Shows that stream into our homes, the video games we play, the toys we collect, the gear which we wear… These Creators are the ARCHITECTS of POP CULTURE.

Amazing Comic Conventions are special because of this high level of interaction between the fans and the creators. Amazing Comic Conventions showcases the ARCHITECTS OF POP CULTURE by featuring them at panels at our events. We invite these influential creators on stage, and trace the Origins and Histories of Comics, and how ultimately applies to what is going on in modern times. These creators further interact with the fans coming to our events with Live Q&A Sessions, Meet & Greets, Special Signings, and Photo Ops too.

With the pandemic of 2020, Comic Con culture has certainly shifted for the time being. Events across the country have been cancelled, and postponed to the following year. While other companies have jumped to proclaim ONLINE CONS or IRL vs URL events- Amazing Comic Conventions firmly believes that while there is no substitute for this live interaction. PEOPLE are the best things to happen to us. PEOPLE make our events special. We belive there is nothing finer than a gathering of like minded fans. Pros and Avenerage Joes. Hardcore collectors and new folks flocking to the industry.

While we aren’t able to celebrate pop culture together, we can take a small piece of the Amazing Comic Con Mindset and philiosophy with us. We highly recommend checking out the ROBSERVATIONS Podcast by longtime friend of the Amazing Comic Conventions- And CREATOR of Deadpool, X-Force, Cable, and more- ROB LIEFELD. He does a twice weekly examination of how Current Pop Culture is Shaped by the Comics of his youth. Many names fans of Amazing will be familiar with are mentioned- from legendary talent such as george Perez, Neal Adams, Herb Trimpe, Joe Rubinstein, Jim Starlin, Jim Shooter and newer talent like Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Greg Capullo, and many others. I am even featured on the newest episode entitled MARKETPLACE THEN & NOW.

You can find the ROBSERVATIONS PODCAST by searching most podcasting Platforms including Apple, Google, Spotify, and Others. You can follow the direct link HERE.

We look forward to bringign the Amazing Comic Con Brand back in 2021!

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