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Amazing Comic Con Presents a new Fan Experience August 9 & 10 at the Plaza Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas. This is special session expo takes place over the weekend on Friday and Saturday.  The spotlight theme is the biggest pop culture events of summer 2024- DEADPOOL & THE X-MEN.

Legendary Creator ROB LIEFELD will be featured at the convention, along with the great names associated with world of X-Men and Marvel Comics. Autographs and Photos will be scheduled at the Amazing Las Vegas Fan Experience, with movie screenings, activities, and creator presentations as well. 

Amazing Comic Con showcases the very best in entertainment by spotlighting the very creators of the movies we run to the cineplex, the TV Shows we follow, the animation we stream into our homes, the toys we add to our collection, the games that we play, the gear we wear.  Amazing Comic Con believes the core of our passions begin in the pages of comic books.  The originators of these characters and concepts are celebrated as our headliners. Amazing Comic Con will always be the home for these individuals, the ARCHITECTS OF POP CULTURE.

While the all-encompassing Amazing Comic Con will return to Las Vegas in June 2025, this all-ages summer pop-up Fan Experience is a curated event, featuring only the very best in comic books, graphic novels, artwork, toys, and more.  Each exhibitor is selected by jury, showcasing the pinnacle in the collectibles world for the fans of Las Vegas. Our Exhibitor room and packed artist alley will be open on Friday and Saturday.

Tickets for Amazing Comic Con LAS VEGAS FAN EXPERIENCE will be on sale starting in mid-June.

Exhibitor Registration Applications are available NOW.

Plan for the best weekend for fun and collecting at the Plaza Hotel August 9th and 10th in Downtown Las Vegas.  Presented by your favorite brand in Live Pop Culture Events, the Amazing Comic Con returns!


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