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“Don’t worry, darling. I have everything under control.” — Wanda (Scarlett Witch; WandaVision)

Hi Amazing Fam! I’m Whitney and I recently joined the Amazing Family as Chief Marketing Officer. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and talk about what it means to be part of the family. When I first got the download from Jimmy about the origin story of Amazing; I was so moved by the history, the meaning, the directives. Anyone can put on a great show, but it takes a special organization to put on a show that is dedicated to the fans and family that they’ve created.

As a mother I love the fact that Amazing has a dedicated family day- I love the morals and the guidelines that Amazing imbibes. I cannot wait to contribute to the long and rich history of Amazing Comic Con and meet you all in Las Vegas on June 17-19th, 2022 My (virtual) door is always open for comments, suggestions, feedback and more:


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