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From the Desk of the CEO.

Amazing Comic Con returns to Las Vegas in 2022. Our event takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center June 17-18-19.

We look forward to bringing our brand back bigger than ever, to be experienced as a community in real life.

Amazing Comic Con believes that Best in Pop Culture starts with comic books and their creators. They influence the blockbuster movies in the cinema, dominate hours in our living rooms with television and streaming, design the toys we collect, inspire the video games we play, and color the gear we wear every day.

Amazing Comic Con showcases the very best in Pop Culture by bringing these top creators to meet the fans. With multiple tracks of interactive programming, we host Fan favorite entertainment media guests who portray these creations. Further we add voice actors who breathe life into your favorite cartoons and anime.

In the coming weeks, Amazing Comic Con will announce headline guests, programming highlights, and more to our official website. Please be sure to bookmark the page, and follow us on social media for the latest-

*Instagram @AmazingComicCon

*Twitter @AmazingComicCon

At Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate the very origin of Pop Culture!


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