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Holiday Cheer keeps spreading to the fans of Las Vegas as Amazing Comic Con continues to roll the guest announcements for 2023!

Amazing Comic Con believes that Blockbuster Film Franchises, TV Shows, Cartoons, Toys, Video Games, Gear and More have their very origin in the comic books. Amazing Comic Con believes in spotlighting these men and women as the Architects of Pop Culture. Our next creator certainly fits this very definition on each and every level-


LARRY HAMA is the legendary comic creator for Marvel Comics. He is best known as the writer of GI JOE: Real American Hero, creating the iconic team from the 1980s. From Snake Eyes to Storm Shadow, Scarlet to Baroness, Duke to Cobra Commander, and more! From Codenames, to character designs, to the very voices and personalities, Larry Hama has been with this franchise since the Hasbro revitalization of the early 1980s, he has continued to write the characters since that time, through the various publishers such as Marvel Comics, Image, Devil's Due, IDW, and beyond.

LARRY HAMA’s career spans more than just the GI JOE Franchise. He came up through the Marvel bullpen, and wrote runs of fan favorites such as Avengers, Conan, Venom, and more. He launched the Peter Porker: Spider-Ham as the editor long before the Spider-Verse franchise He made his mark writing a long standing run on Wolverine, where he uncovered keys elements of Logan’s origin, backstory, and even bone claws!

AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON will be Larry Hama’s first convention appearance in Las Vegas. He will be seated in the artist alley where he will be meeting fans, siginging their comics, toys, DVDs, and more. Hama will be featured in the weekend programming, appearing on the mainstage. Additional GI JOE Spotlight sessions will be taking place as well.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con takes place April 28-29-30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Amazing Comic Con is the longest running, full scale Pop Culture Expo in Nevada. For over a decade fans have met the biggest creators in the world of comics, favorite voice over talents from Anime/Cartoons/Video Games, and Media Celebrities from TV and Film. As part of our SECRET SANTA Announcement, A Limited Number of Tickets are ON SALE NOW. Amazing Comic Con is giving away special Bonus Gifts and Exclusive Comics as part of this promotion. Act today, as these are available on a first come, first serve. Kids 10 and under are Always FREE at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, making our event the best family value in Las Vegas.


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