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As movie SOLO rocks the local cineplex this weekend, let’s check out some of the great STAR WARS Guests and events at AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON CON, June 29-30-July 1!

*Marvel Writer JASON AARON revitalized the Star Wars Franchise, after the Disney/Marvel Merger, launching the title with over 1 million copies sold of the first issue, making it the highest selling book from the past 20 years! Aaron’s run on the title takes place between the original Star Wars movies- Episode IV New Hope and the Empire Strikes Back. Classic Characters, Original Publisher, this long standing run will remain a fan favorite!

Also, were you one of the lucky convention goers to purchase your Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con tickets before the end of February? If so, a FREE Star Wars #1 Marvel Variant by J Scott Campbell will be coming to you, courtesy of your Amazing Comic Con staff! This book can get signed by Jason Aaron on the convention floor!

*Artist MIKE MAYHEW makes his Amazing Comic Con debut in Las Vegas! Mayhew’s stylestyle which employs a fusion of photo realism with traditional comic storytelling has thrilled crowds for years. He has extensive credits inside the world of STAR WARS starting years back when Dark Horse was publishing the Lucas brand. Here he completed a number of covers and projects, with the most prominent being THE STAR WARS- a mini based on the original George Lucas Screen Play First Draft, which won a number of industry awards.

More recently Mike Mayhew is one of the very few artists who followed the Star Wars franchise from the previous publisher to the new regime at Marvel. Here, he completed fill in issues of the main series, #15, 20, and Annual 2- all which were written by fellow guest Jason Aaron. He has contributed additional covers to the regular series as well. Mike Mayhew’s most recent job is Marvel’s STAR WARS: Storms of Crait, a story which tied a classic Han Solo and Leia tale closely to the LAST JEDI.


Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is the home for Star Wars Fan groups such as Troops of 501st Neon City Garrison to the Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Twin Galaxies, and more! They will all be stationed on the convention floor, able to take pictures free of charge throughout the weekend!


Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will also serve as your top marketplace for all things Star wars. Looking for great t-shirts, action figures, pops, and more? no single place will have the selection of the vendors room. Be sure to visit ROGUE TOYS with their massive booth!


Select Creators in the Artist Alley will be doing STAR WARS art for *FREE* on Friday afternoon of the convention. These select few will be marked in the programming guide, but each will be donating just a limited number. Get to the con early for the best selection!

For Updates on Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, please continue to check back on our official website and through our social media channels:

Instagram @AmazingComicCon

AMAZING LAS VEGAS COMIC CON is Nevada’s premiere pop culture Fan Fest, taking place June 29, 30, and July 1. The event returns to the Las Vegas Convention Center bigger than ever before, a fusion of the very best creators and pop personalities in the world, added with local favorites from the Las Vegas Community, extensive programming, an International Artist Alley, and the Wizards of Cosplay.

Tickets are available NOW with Single Day Admissions, Full 3Day Passes, and Special VIP Premiums including STAR WARS. You can purchase your admission tickets HERE.

Also remember-

Kids 10 & Under are ALWAYS FREE at Amazing LAS VEGAS Comic Con!

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