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“Gotta Catch 'em All” was the theme song that kids have been singing for generations. Whether you were an original 90s kid or found the toons, cards, and games from streaming and gaming platforms- Pokemon has been a key brand to collectibles.

Amazing Comic Con is celebrating one of the biggest pop culture movements with POKEMON! On the floor of our expo, fans will find tons of artwork, merchandise, stickers, trading cards and more. The highlight of the Pokemon activities will be the presence of original voice actor from the original series- VERONICA TAYLOR!

The lead role of Pokemon-Ash Ketchum- is voiced by Veronica Taylor. She is a key figure in the Anime world with credits that include Sailor Pluto from Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal, and roles on Slayers, One Piece, Dragonball Super, Harlock, Yu-Gi-Oh! and more. Fans of the Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles will recognize her voice as April O’Neil from 2003 series, and Veronica was the role of Scarlet in the GI JOE Sigma6!

Veronica Taylor will be appearing at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of our three day event. She will be featured on panels, meetings fans, and signing autographs on the expo floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center. She will be a key piece of our SUNDAY- KID’s DAY Festivities as well!

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is the largest Pop Culture expo in the state of Nevada! Featuring comic creators, media celebrities, anime, collectibles, video games, cosplay, funko pops and more, the show floor will be jam packed with and international Artist Alley and over 300 exhibitors. This three day fan event is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center September 16-17-18.

Tickets for Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con are ON SALE NOW Single Day, Full 3day Admissions, and a limited number of VIP Experiences are available. At the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, Kids 10 and under are ALWAYS Free!

For Updated information about the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, be sure to follow us on social media:

Instagram @AmazingComicCon

Twitter @AmazingComicCon

The family at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con looks forward to seeing you September 16-17-18 at the Las Vegas Convention Center!


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