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Amazing Comic Con believes that COMIC BOOK TALENT should have the spotlight at our our expo events. The writers and artists we showcase in Las Vegas influence the Pop Culture by creating the characters and memorable storylines, impacting the movies we watch, the streaming entertainment we follow, the toys we collect, the games we play, the gear we wear. Amazing Comic Con takes pride in bringing the creators that appeal to the most hardcore comic aficionados while introducing these legends to a newer, more casual fanbase.

Our Newest guest Spotlight fits the bill with a resume and work ethic that is matched by no other working in graphic storytelling-


John Romita Jr- or JRJR as fans have come to know him- comes from comic royalty, the son of Legend John Romita Sr- the long time art director of Marvel Comics. Instead of resting on family name however, he has become one of the top producing pencilers in Marvel Comics history. He has been a mainstay artoist working in the late 1970s, still to the present with chart topping Amazing Spider-Man. JRJR hhas a long track record of the BEST SELLING runs on just about every single character in their illustrious catalog- AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN, AVENGERS, IRON MAN, PUNISHER, WOLVERINE, BLACK PANTHER, DAREDEVIL, and so many others. He has co-created Hobgoblin, Prowler, Madame Web, Hydro-Man in the pages of Spider-Man. He added Forge to the X-Men Mythos, and the deadly Typhroid Mary in Daredevi, among others. JRJR changed the game of “event” style storylines, as he drew the first mini series for Marvel- the crossover event CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS, and added mega company crossovers such as WOLRD WAR HULK and AVENGERS vs X-MEN. He also contributed the intercompany crossover event Punisher Batman. JRJR also drew the landmark black cover 9/11 issue of Amazing Spider-Man.

Other work from John Romita Jr includes his stretch at DC Comics where he drew SUPERMAN in the DC52, ALL-STAR BATMAN in the REBirth Era with Scott Snyder, and drawing portions of the DC Metal Crossover. He also has a creator owned series from Image Comics, GRAY AREA.

Fans of the MCU/Disney+ era eagerly await the return of DAREDEVIL, based on JRJR’s work on MAN WITHOUT FEAR. Movie fans will know the work of John Romita Jr, as he co-created KICK-ASS, which boasts two theatrical releases, and is set for new streaming material on the future.

John Romita Jr. will be appearing on each of the days at Amazing Comic Con, meeting the fans of Las Vegas. He will be available for signatures and a limited number of commission artwork. JRJR will also be appearing on the mainstage during our Saturday INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE panel with guest Mark Bagley and other prominent Spider-Man Personalities.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is the largest Pop Culture expo in the state of Nevada! Featuring comic creators, media celebrities, anime, collectibles, video games, cosplay, funko pops and more. The show floor will be jam packed with and International Artist Alley and over 300 exhibitors. This three day fan event is taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center April 28-29-30. Tickets for Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con are ON SALE NOW -Single Day, Full 3day Admissions, and a limited number of VIP Experiences are available. At the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, Kids 10 and under are ALWAYS Free! For Updated information about the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, be sure to follow us on social media: Instagram @AmazingComicCon Twitter @AmazingComicCon The family at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con looks forward to seeing you April 28-29-30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center!


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