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PLAN YOUR AMAZING WEEKEND TODAY!Las Vegas Comic Con Full Programming Now Available!

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con is going to open our annual pop culture expo at the Las Vegas Convention THIS coming week- Friday September 16, Saturday September 17, and Sunday September 18.

The 2022 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con takes place in the S1 Hall- our first time in this part of the convention center.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con will host multiple tracks of programming during each of the THREE days of the convention. In addition to a dealers room that is packed with creators, v vendors, publishers and more, we have panels and activities. You will find great weekend events aimed for All Types of Fans, and All Ages. These will take place on the MAIN STAGE - which is located on this same floor, and other concurrent tracks of programming take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in rooms *S219* and *S220*. These will be referred to as Room 1 and Room 2 on our schedule. There is also an EXPO area on the show floor which will showcase various fan groups, each having activities aimed directly for attendees. Below is our listing for weekend activities-

Also be on the look out for our FORCE FRIDAY FREE SKETCHES and our SUNDAY KID’s DAY ACTIVITIES.

Kids 10 and Under are ALWAYS FREE at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.

We look forward to seeing you and your families THIS Week at the Las Vegas Convention Center September 16-17-18


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